About New Music Arts


New Music Arts is a booking and management firm serving a select group of touring and recording artists of the highest caliber, with offerings ranging from tribute reviews of mainstream popular music (Fab 6), original music (Nip and Tuck) and traditional Irish/Scottish (Laura MacKenzie’s “Brass Lassie”).

We are dedicated to the professionalism of our performers, integrityin our negotiations and expediency in our communication, with a strong focus on building long-term relationships within our far-flung community of artists, presenters and producers.

We enthusiastically and firmly support diversity and fairness within that community, and, indeed, in every aspect of our personal and professional lives, and we look forward to extending this philosophy to everyone we may have the pleasure of working with.

Other members of our family:

Musicals 4 Young Audiences (M4YA), a theatrical licensing company

New Music Theatre, an all-ages theatrical licensing company

New Music Arts Publishing (ASCAP): contains the music catalogues of New Music Arts, New Music Theatre and Musicals 4 Young Audiences.

Loose Canon Music Group (BMI): Individual songs (including the catalogue of Tommy “Heartbreak Hotel” Durden).