Was born in 1976 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and consisted of Gary Rue (guitar/vocal), Jeff Willkomm, bass/vocal), Tilly (drums/vocal) and (later) Terry Isachsen (guitar/vocal). The group was heavily influenced by pop idols of the time: Todd Rundgren, The Raspberries, and termed a ‘melodic rock band’ by the local press (with which the band agreed). Another in a long list of bands who were ‘this close’ then inexplicably disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle of pop history.
But wait! Now they’re back!
From the press corps, circa 1976:
“Nip ‘n’ Tuck is blindingly good……reminiscent of the Lovin’ Spoonful and the Who…”
 …rock and roll in the best Anglo-American tradition, and headed for the top.”
~Metropolis, April 12, 1977
“…the most impressive selections…are the band’s original compositions…catchy but tasteful, melody-oriented but rock rhythmed, containing melodic and lyrical substance too often lacking
in the pop tunes receiving AM radio overplay.”
~P. L. Christian
“…to get (that) full of a sound from a 3 piece is nothing short of amazing…close harmonies, strong hooks, endearing melodies all charged up and ready to go with backbones of real rock energies…
no one else I’ve heard on a local level touches them on their own territory.”
~Laura Fissinger (freelance writer for, among others,  Rolling Stone)
What they’ve been up to since 1977:
Gary Rue:

Rue Nouveau, Gene Pitney (music director)
theatrical composer, jingle writer, songwriter (Nick Lowe, Helen Reddy)
>2010 Inductee Mid America Hall of Fame

>2010 MN Music Hall of Fame
Jeff Willkomm:

Herman's Hermits, Gene Pitney, Lou Christy, Trova,
10 November/Gales of November (theatre), educator.

2 time inductee into the Minnesota R N R Hall of Fame (Sleepers & City Mouse),
Department of Defense USO musical representative, Coasters, Platters, Marvelettes, Gene Pitney